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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Xel-Ha - Mexico 2016

Because this was the first time the boys had been to Mexico, we decided that we definitely needed to go to Xel-Ha.  It has become one of our favorite places to visit and one of the few places that I'm willing to leave the beach to visit.  The bus picked us up fairly early in the morning and I was excited to see that we had one of the buses that is made to look like a typical transport bus.  We arrived just as the park was opening and spent a little while walking around and getting familiar before having breakfast.

Before I ever met him, in the first photos I ever saw of Tim, he was holding a parrot.  There were several locations throughout the park for him to recreate the memory.  Of course, the kids loved the birds as well. 

On the other side of this float was a big water slide that shot you out into the lagoon.  I was impressed at how easily Brycen and Erika made it across.  

Eventually we made our way to the bikes and hopped for a ride through the jungle.  I love to stop and look at every sign and exhibit. I don't usually remember any of the information, but I still like the learning.  After a few little pit stops, we happily made it to the end of the trail without any mishaps with the trees. 

Floating the river is my favorite part of the Xel-Ha experience.  It's always a little funny trying to navigate through the mangrove trees.  The tubes don't really steer and the water flows very slowly.  It took some serious effort to keep us all together long enough for a photo.   

When we arrived at the stop where you can go cliff jumping, I was quick to volunteer to stay with the tubes while everyone else went and jumped.  Last year I started off brave, then ended up standing at the top for almost a half hour trying to get the courage to actually jump.  I thought about trying it again this year and told myself that I could back and conquer the cliff, but to be honest, I was kind of terrified to get up there again.  After stressing about it I decided that it really wouldn't be the smartest thing to do because if I landed wrong, I could hurt my wrist.  It was nice to have a reason to stay safe and cheer for all of the jumpers.  

The best part about doing the zip line from  the sling is that I never even had to get my hair wet - and I still got have all of the fun.

Seriously, so many birds. 

I even found a little time to relax. 

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