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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Hills Are Alive

We just got back from a very quick trip to Dallas, Thursday to Sunday.  The entire trip was set into action when Tad was cast as Rolf in The Sound of Music.  We were all so excited and anxious to see the play, so when we found some extra low airfares, we jumped at the chance to go.

Before we could start to enjoy family and the play, we had to make it through the flight.  This was Ruby's first flight and she did great.  I kept her in a sling most of the flight and very few people even realized she was on the flight with us.  Luke, on the other hand, was another story.  We were super lucky to travel with my parents and Jessica and it took a village to tame the boy.  We had books, treats, movies, toys and his blankies and there was still a lot of chaos.  There is definitely a reason that once kids turn two they have to buy their own seat - we all could have used the extra space.  


Friday morning we went on a freezing cold run then Tim, my dad and I went downtown to the JFK Sixth Floor Museum.  Tim had not ever been to Dallas or the museum and it had been so long since I went that it felt like a brand new experience.  It was really fascinating.  I loved seeing all of the artifacts and photos and being reminded of all of the details of history.  The visit of course sparked the conversation of whether or not we thought there was a conspiracy, more than one shooter, etc.   None of us were willing to commit to a specific theory but all believe there is something more to the story.

You can't take photos of any of the exhibits so I just snapped a few as we were leaving.

One of the best parts about a trip to Dallas is a lot of time just hanging out.  It is especially fun to watch everyone enjoy the babies.

The highlight of the trip was, of course, the play.  We went to the matinee and evening showing and I could have turned around and gone again today.  I know that Tad worked and practiced hard and was thrilled to land the part of Rolf.  I was so nervous before the play starts but clearly had no reason to be. Tad's singing was amazing and he is such a natural on stage.  Flower Mound High is known for putting on extremely good productions and this was no different.  I hope to continue to see him perform over the next several year.

Lots of family support

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