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Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Years

I've always said that New Year's Eve is for teenagers and partyers.  Since I'm far from either, I generally end up wanting to go to bed earlier on New Year's Eve than most other nights.  With two babies, this year I really was content to just have a low key night at home, but  Brycen was going to be with us and we didn't want him to be bored.  So we decided to throw a party.  By party I mean my brothers and their kids, but it was a fabulous party.

We started the night with personal pan pizzas, everyone got to top their own.  The kids were pretty specific about how they wanted them topped - some had insane amounts of cheese and a few ended up with pepperoni smiley faces.

After dinner the kids played for awhile and then we went to the all to watch the fireworks.  To make it festive we had party hats, mardi gras beads and lots of poppers. It's brilliant, they have a set of fireworks that start at 9:00 and then again at midnight - we made it for the early show.  They went on for a long time and the kids loved it. 

Brycen's birthday was on the 28th so when we got home we celebrated his birthday with his request, tres leches.  Turns out that Luke is as big of a fan of it as Brycen is.  It was a perfect ending.

We had a super fun night. According to Calvin it wasn't quite a real party because we didn't play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but I was pretty impressed with y first New Year's party.

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