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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

We were lucky this year and got to celebrate Christmas Eve twice.  On Tuesday night, the actual Christmas Eve I worked part of the day then went home early and spent time playing with the babies.  Later we met up with my parents and Cory and Calvin for dinner at Outback.  It was perfect, no mess, no dishes, and I even tried something besides steak.  Calvin was nice enough to share his fries since Luke was intent on scavenging as many as he could get.  Apparently they must have been delicious - as we were leaving he found a forgotten fry on the floor and popped it in his mouth before anyone could grab it.  We stopped by Cory's house to admire Calvin's snow fort and let the boys open a few presents.  Luke was just starting to figure out the fun of presents and Ruby is oblivious so it was a pretty mellow and relaxing evening.

Part two of Christmas Eve came on Thursday night.  Luke was so excited to have his big brothers and sister arrive for another party with family.  We invited my parents and Tim's parents over for what has become our tradition of steak and shrimp on Christmas Eve (thanks to Hailey for letting us borrow that tradition).

This year I don't know if I was off my game or just busy enjoying the company because the only picture I got was this class of Erika and grandma in matching animal print. 

Even though it was a few days late, I still get excited setting up Christmas and anticipating the kids' excitement in the morning.  I always take a picture of the tree and the gifts once everything is ready to go. Oh, and try to focus on the top half of my tree.  You can see the height where Luke's reach ends because that is the only part of the tree where the decorations were still intact.  Kind of funny and just part of Christmas with the babies.  I think we have a few more years before the decorations will be safe again.

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