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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear Santa...

We went to the Riverwoods at the beginning of the Christmas season and had a brief visit with Santa.  Luke was afraid of him and Ruby was staying warm in the sling, so we didn't quite get the experience I was hoping for.  Earlier this week we invited Cory and Calvin to join us for another chance to see the big guy.  Success. The weather was warmer and Luke was fairly content to sit on Santa's lap.  He has spent lot of time at our house looking at the various decorations we have with Santa, and will even tell you that Santa says "ho, ho, ho".  So, I had been hoping he would be a little more comfortable.  Calvin told us that he had already seen Santa and told him what he wanted so he was content to just give Santa a fist bump.  Luke adores his cousins and loved having Calvin there to play and watch after him.  I didn't want to be the crazy mom who makes a production out of getting great photos (even though I kind of am), but I was thrilled to see Cory show up with his new camera.  I could concentrate on the babies while he documented everything.  Great night!

The atmosphere was magical.

Ok so we did have to work a little to get him comfortable with Santa

Santa was so sweet with our new girl.

This mama loves her boy.
By far my favorite shot of the night.
Cousins forever!

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