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Friday, December 20, 2013

Festival of the Lights

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork.  We always start with dinner, usually The Pizza Factory.  Lucky grandma, all the kids wanted to sit with her.  It's funny because they all eat so much better with her so win win. 

The lights are at a park in Spanish Fork Canyon and are so much fun, the kids love it  A lot are "animated" and we spend a lot of time trying to figure out which ones are new, and which ones are our favorite.

The best part about the whole adventure is piling everyone into one van.  We keep growing in numbers so it gets more and more squished, but it would be nearly as much fun if we split up into separate cars.  Besides, no matter how much room we had, all of the kids would end up on grandma and grandpa's laps anyway.  

Luke absolutely loved the lights.  Poor Tim and Ruby were not feeling great so we missed having them this year.  No worries, there will be plenty of room in the van next time.

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