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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

So most of my posts lately seem a little behind the times...since I keep this as much for a journal/scrapbook, it feels important for me to document, even if it is a little late.

This year we started celebrating early...Sunday night we had a pre-Halloween party at my parent's house.  They bought Jack O Lantern pizza and it seemed like the perfect excuse to let the kids dress up early.  I ordered Luke's costume online a few months ago and have been so excited for him to wear it. We got him good and cowboyed up and took some shots before going to the party.

In honor of his outfit,
My parents pulled out the rocking horse
Too bad Luke wasn't interested in
Looking at the camera.
Gavin got on his Spidey costume
And was ready to show Luke
How it's done.
Miles would have made Captain America Proud
Too bad we didn't get to see the shield.
Even Tim got excited about the costumes.
Too make it a proper party
We had activities:
Sugar Cookies
And Crafts
Thanks Jami

Tim's parents stopped by and
Luke took every opportunity to show off

On Halloween day, my boss was super nice and took us to lunch and bowling for the afternoon.  Since Luke was such a Halloween pro by then, he came to join the party.  

He and Amy are old friends
He was fascinated by Shae's unicorn.
Mini me
These two roller derby "girls"
Provided more laughs than should be legal
We spent the evening giving out candy and watching the kids run away from the neighbor's house.  I should have got more pictures of their mini spook alley, but this is just one of the things you had to pass to get up to the house.  Some kids were too scared to even go up to the door for candy, I can't imagine why.

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