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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Walk

Every October we go to North Logan to the Pumpkin Walk.  There are hundreds of carved pumpkins and lots of scenes that have been portrayed using pumpkins.  We met up with Tim's sister Cheri and her family this afternoon and went to see the latest. This year the theme was "Let The Games Begin" so there were game shows, board games, The Hunger Games, etc.  I'm not sure that Nacho Libre fit the theme perfectly, but he was so great, you wouldn't think of complaining.

Nacho Libre
I don't remember what this game was,
But the bunnies were amazing
Can you see what's in the middle?
Duck Duck......Goose

One of our favorite parts every year are the cutouts for pictures.  This year we got some really great ones.  The force was strong and Tim gave the obligatory, "Luke, I am your father".

You've Got a Friend in Me

Three lovely princess
Disney would be proud!

Erika is excited to practice driving anything with wheels.

Can you spot Clifford's new friends?

Cutest Baby Potter ever!

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Mike and Megan said...

Cute pics. I love the Pumpkin Walk. The bunnies is a game called Killer Bunnies, it's really fun. It's great to read your blog. I don't read blogs as often as I used to or should. We have one too it's private. I've thought I'd invited you but if not I can send you an invite. Luke is SO cute! Hopefully we can see you sometime soon.