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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Love Y'All

On October 17th, this girl turned 18 years old.  She told me that she kept having dreams that I came to visit for her birthday.  The more she talked about it, the better the idea sounded.  I did some checking and was surprised to find a reasonable flight, so what better way to celebrate...

It took a little convincing for Tim to let the two of us out of his sight for a few days, but Luke and I packed our bags, and were on our way.

I was a little nervous to fly by myself with him, but he did great.  He completely charmed everyone in the airport and the plane and only fussed for a few minutes on the flight there.  It definitely was a new experience traveling with a baby - I never quite got to the book that I planned to read, and found it almost comical how much stuff I had - luggage, stroller, car seat, car seat base, etc.  For once I didn't overpack for myself - too much already in the suitcase for him.

Jess and Tad picked me up at the airport and lucky for me it was almost dinner time so we headed to Agave Azul to meet up with everyone and have dinner.  The guacamole and queso were amazing, I had been thinking about Mexican food all day and it didn't disappoint.  The kids were dying to take me to see Pitch Perfect so after dinner we hurried over to the theater and laughed for the next two hours.  Even Luke was entertained, he didn't sleep at all, just stared, wide eyed at the movie.

After I booked my flight, Sean told me that he was signed up for a 5k on Saturday and asked if I wanted to run....of course, what better way to spend time with my brother.  Both of us were wanting to get in a longer run so we ran from his house to the race start - a little over 5 miles, then met up with some his friends were were also racing.  I decided I wanted to race on my own, see where I was on time.  I ended up at just over 31 minutes, a 10:07 mile and was very happy with that.

The rest of the weekend was just spent hanging out, bumming around....a perfect way to relax for the weekend.  Luke was completely spoiled by everyone and loved every minute of it.  The kids were so great with him, I wanted to bring them all home with me for built in nannies.

Tad was great and making Luke laugh,
For some reason he loved watching Tad kick a soccer ball.
Pictures of Luke that Tad put on Instagram
Were instant hits.

We were so glad that Josh was able to come home from
Austin for the weekend.

The girl who had a birthday and
Inspired the whole trip.
Others may know her as Jessica, 
But to me, she will always be my Jesse Girl

Somehow we didn't get a picture of Luke with Julie
Until he was already in his carseat

The baby whisperer continued to work his magic
Luke was enthralled by Sean all weekend.

Before we knew it, it was Monday afternoon and we were headed back to the airport and on our way home.  We were both sad to leave after having such a great time, but were super excited to get home and see Tim.

Luke maintained his reputation as the best baby ever by sleeping almost the entire flight home.  When he did wake up right before landing, he looked around, gave some smiles and started putting on a show, laughing and talking for everyone.  He's already looking forward to another trip, next time though, he doesn't want to go without his daddy.

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ash & diz said...

Hands down, Luke has got to be the cutest baby boy I have ever seen. He is just darling!

Glad you are having fun with your family!! :)