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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday Craft Day

At the Onion Days craft fair we bought some bird house kits for Brycen and Ada.  Since then we have been trying to coordinate a time to get busy building.  This weekend was finally the time and what would be more natural than for me to have a crafting party (funny if you know me well).  We only had two bird houses and five kids so I went and found some pirate ships for Miles, Calvin and Gavin.  They were little kits at Lowes that came pre-cut with all of the hardware.  Perfect. We started in the garage to get everything built.  I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of that but basically Tim and Cory were the superstars of the construction process.  The weather was beautiful so everyone ran wild outside for awhile and then we came inside for the painting.  The kids were so cute, they each had their own plan for their piece and worked hard to make it look perfect.  We had some pizza while the paint was drying and then they finished up with stickers - perfection.   Jami's kids said it was the "best night ever" and I would have to agree.  Brycen's birdhouse is outside on the back deck with seeds, open for business and waiting for customers.

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