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Friday, February 24, 2012

Relax and Just Be

Tim signed me up for pregnant yoga (probably really called prenatal yoga) through IHC and I have totally loved it. If there is anyone looking for a great class, let me know. The teacher is one that I would follow around for regular classes. She is exactly what I think a yoga teacher should be: encouraging but calm and serene sounding. She really makes a point of focusing on the mind body connection. Right now I have so many crazy thoughts running around my head that it is perfect to be able to push that all away for an hour. Last night I just kept focusing on "Relax and Just Be". It really helped keep me focused and I left feeling ready to face the world again.

I have had such strange food cravings. Currently I am obsessed with grapefruit and eat at least 2 a day. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and eat some. This morning I had brought yogurt and granola for breakfast but when I got to work it didn't sound good at all. Instead I ate a cheese stick and beef jerky - Rubio must be craving protein. It may have looked strange, but it was delicious.

Since this post is already random, I'll include my two favorite things that I have seen on other people's blogs this week. One made me laugh out loud - yes I'm talking to you Adele.

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Craig said...

Monica, we have a giant tree full of grapefruit. How can we get you two together?

Monica said...

Oh man I will be dreaming about that all night. Luckies!