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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Do It

I stumbled across someone's blog post the other day entitled "Why I Run". She talked about what was going on in her life, how running kept it under control, and how running made her feel both physically and emotionally. As I read all I could think about was how much I miss running. Let me clarify, how much I miss running freely. I am really lucky that I am still able to run. Each week gets progressively slower, and it might not be much faster than a brisk walk, but I can still put my running shoes to good use. So, I am grateful for that, but sometimes I just miss being able to run long and hard and push myself to get better. The past year and a half have really not been my best physically so my running has suffered. I didn't discover running until my late 20's and once I did, I seriously think I became a better person physically and emotionally. That's probably why I plug along now slowly, trying to squeeze out all the benefits I can. I won't lie, I often fantasize about running down the trail, free and fast (my version of fast). True, the fantasy includes a jogging stroller, but I can still hardly wait. In the meantime, I enjoy what I have and supplement the endorphins by reading about running. Sometimes those shoe ads just get it right. Enjoy a few of my favs:


ashley & sundance said...

I love that Asics ad, running is such an amazing tool to release emotions (especially the mean, ugly ones!).

p.s. you should've totally gone up to my husband at the gym. I always tell him that I'm famous (ha!) and that one day he'll get recognized too. Would've validated my point. ;)

congrats on the pregnancy by the way! When are you due??

mylittlegems said...

I am just getting that runner's addiction again, after a few years of just running. Having babies changed things for me... I have a friend I meet early in the morning and that has really helped. I actually look forward to getting up.. Just different stages...but pregnancy was worth it and running will come back!