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Friday, March 2, 2012

Since I'm Having One...

15 Things Boys Should Know Before They Turn 18
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There are some key things your sons should know before they leave home. Here are my top 15.
1. The kitchen? Not just for girls. Learn to use a stove.
2. If a girl tries to change you she doesn’t really love you no matter how much you want her to.
3. Shower daily, keep your nails trim and use deodorant.
4. A dutch oven is never funny. EVER.
5. It is NEVER acceptable to break up with a girl over the phone.
6. Understand how to use basic tools.
7. When you ask a girl, “Is something wrong?” and she says, “No.” She’s lying.
8. The job of a stay-at-home mom is equally as hard as yours.
9. Table manners. Use them.
10. You will never know a stronger pull than that of your friends trying to get you to participate in their wrong doing. Resisting makes you a man. Succumbing makes you a coward.
11. NEVER use your fists to solve ANY dispute. One wrong punch could take a life and it could be yours.
12. Condoms will save your life.
13. Never use the word gay in a derogatory manner. It’s ignorant.
14. Sexting is a federal offense.
15. Real girls do not look like Victoria’s Secret models.
What would you add?

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