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Monday, February 13, 2012

Need a Babysitter

We got to hang out with Calvin on Saturday night and I think scored serious points in the "best babysitters" contest. Yes, that is his dinner, nacho cheese Doritos and chocolate milk. I'm sure there are some nutrients in there somewhere, calcium maybe? He is a pretty picky eater and I figured that as the aunt, it's not my job to make him eat nutritious, right? Don't worry, if he would have been with us for a second meal, I would have made sure he at least had a carrot or something to balance out the meal.
We had some great times playing on the dinosaur bones at the mall, and playing Wii Star Wars at home, but the best part of the night came when he started asking about the baby. He wanted to know when the baby would be here and "how is he going to get out?" Ummm, silence from me. He then followed up with "When it is time for the baby to come out, where is the door for him to get out?" The door??? Hmmm. I thought about taking the opportunity to teach my nephew about the birds and the bees, but instead came up with a quick distraction and asked him about his new race car. Luckily at 4 years old that was more interesting and he was happy to talk about his toys. The door. We have been laughing about it ever since.
So, the moral of this story is...if you want your kids to have a nutritious meal and learn the facts of life, send them our way.
Oh, and a few people have asked, the baby should be making his exit out the door on April 18th.

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The Broadobalds said...

Thanks to you, Tim, and your door for watching Calvin!!