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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mexico - The Haciendas

A few years ago Julie and I stayed at the Royal Haciendas and fell in love. This year when we were looking for a place to stay - you know I have to make my yearly pilgrimage - it seemed like a great time to return. We were not disappointed. This was not an all inclusive (usually a favorite), but worked great for the situation, it was a villa with bedrooms on opposite sides, then a living room, kitchen, etc., in the middle. We were lucky and convinced my parents to go with so we loved having such a relaxing place to stay. Sorry, I was kind of a slacker and didn't take hardly any pictures of the resort or the rooms, but here are a few...

Our first night there on the way to dinner, not too shabby.

The grounds were beautiful,

I never got tired of walking under this arch.

Of course the pools were amazing,

Your welcome for the added beauty to the view.

My parents went out for a fancy dinner,

Tim and I had mac and cheese with hot dogs

At least they let us join them for the high class picture.

Just you wait, the beach pictures are coming...

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