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Friday, February 17, 2012


Ok, so this is the cutest thing ever. In school Ada got to make a valentine for someone she loves and guess who was the lucky recipient...Baby Rubio. Is that not the sweetest thing. Not even here yet and he is already so loved.
Oh, maybe I should give a little explanation on the name Rubio - no worries, that will not be his real name, although at this point it will probably be his nick name for life. From the time we got married Tim and I have always discussed naming a baby girl Ruby. For the first several months of this pregnancy we would talk about the possibility of baby Ruby but finally acknowledged that it might be a boy and then what....we had no good names. I said that he would just have to be Rubio. Well, it's a boy, and Rubio stuck. I think it is much better than referring to him as "it", or "the baby", kind of endearing and now everyone refers to him as Rubio.

Tim always is very good to me on Valentines. He brought me flowers and treats to work in the morning. For Christmas he had given me tickets to the Lady Antebellum concert which, lucky for him, fell on Valentines night. It was the perfect way to celebrate.
Clearly not a good picture, darn I-phone, but at least there is proof we were there.

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