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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Naked Truth

Every morning, Monday-Friday, I get ready at the gym, me and a lot of other women. I don't consider myself overly modest, and am not awkward around a locker room but sometimes I'm amazed at what I see - lately, way too much. I'm not sure how some women can feel so comfortable strutting around naked, and how they can't see that they make everyone else uncomfortable. I have all kinds of stories of the craziness, but this week there have been two that have me kind of scarred. First is the woman who is about 75, very white, and not anywhere close to small. Her routine is to swim, take a shower, and then she must not believe in towels because she comes out, rinses and spins her suit and wanders around before moving along to get dressed. Really, I can bring you a towel, a robe, anything to save the rest of us. Today was the most shocking. As I walked in, there was a girl standing at the mirror in the main walkway, blow drying her hair - buck naked! Seriously? She wasn't even in the process of getting dressed, just casually blow drying her hair as if she were alone in her own home. I don't get it. It was pretty funny to watch everyone else walk in and see their reactions but c'mon ladies, perhaps a little more class and decorum.
How are things at your gym or training facility? Any streakers?

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The Ellsworths said...

I'm impressed you're there mon-fri still! Way to go Pregnant girl!