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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How Not to Ruin the Soup

So, on Sunday I thought I would up my chances for winning Wife of the Year by doing a little planning ahead. I have been wanting minestrone soup, so I found a good crock pot recipe and put all of the ingredients together. Monday morning early I put the soup on the cook and spent all day dreaming of the delicious soup that would be waiting when we got home for dinner. One small glitch in all of that greatness...the recipe called for some dry pasta which I added. However, it clearly did not need to simmer all day. By the time I checked the soup, my bowties were complete mush and had pretty much disintegrated throughout the soup. I tried fishing out the pieces, but finally gave up. I dished up and ate one gross bowl, I guess just to prove the soup really was that bad, then threw the rest down the disposal.
Lesson learned. If you are making soup in a crock pot and it calls for pasta, don't add it until shortly before eating. Where was this post when I needed it?

1 comment:

Julia said...

haha. i have read so many crock pot stories seems so easy but i am honestly terrible at using a crock pot for some reason. some day i will give it a try! sorry to hear about your soup ;)