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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Third Time Is Not The Charm

Yesterday Aislinn and I set out on a ride around West Mountain. All was going great until she noticed that her front tire felt a little flat. We stopped to check and sure enough, flat. Ais was like a pro and had the tire changed within a few minutes - luckily it was the front. We got moving again and made it 8 miles before - flat. Seriously? This time we both went over the tire and the rim until Ais found a little tiny sticker. We decided that must have been the problem and felt safe to venture all the way around the mountain. We conquered the steep hills, I almost went off the road on a sharp curve, we were chased by two yappy dogs, and put in another 20 miles of riding when - flat. This time we were out of tubes and air cartridges and 15 miles from home. Good thing for a white knight, Tim drove out to rescue us. It was a beautiful day, perfect for riding, guess we just weren't meant to ride too long, I'm sure our legs and booties were grateful for the rest.


Julia said...

wow! you all handled that so well. i would be super frustrated. and my number one fear of buying a bike is that i will never learn what to do if i get a flat. haha.

The Broadobalds said...

We're having the same luck. Cory and I have been through no less than 5 tubes in the last week. We're considering buying them in bulk from China on our next slapwatch order.

Let's go riding when you get back from CA!

aisy said...

Well, the next morning my back was flat too... found a thorn in the back... front is still a mystery :( Thank goodness for the ride home or it might have been 4 flats on the road. ugh.