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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Golden Onion Days

I'm not sure how the rest of the world celebrates Labor Day, but if you grew up anywhere in the Payson area, you likely celebrate at Onion Days. We used to tease friends that the highlight of the day was the onion eating contest, but other than the largest onion contest, I'm not really sure of the onion connection. This year we were a little limited in numbers, Jarin, Jami and crew were home puking (except Miles who got it out of the way on Saturday), and T and E decided they would rather sleep in. Boo for all of you, you missed a great parade. Ok, you wouldn't know about the great parade from my pics, but how about a few of the spectators.

My cousin LeeAnn with her boys Ace and Orion

They have Miles to thank for the cotton candy sugar coma.

Calvin was scrappy and fought to get a tossed otter pop.
Tim and B were mostly concerned with the shade.
Don't worry though, B scouted plenty of candy
for himself and to share with the other kids.

Not sure why, but Onion Days is the one festival of the year
Where we shell out money for the carnival rides.
B was too fast on the slide,
I didn't even have my camera ready and only caught the ending.

He hung with the little boys for awhile,
But then had to find something a little more thrilling.
This one went so fast he said it hurt his eyes,
It definitely hurt my eyes trying to watch.

These two were motoring machines.

Seriously, B was such a good sport with the little guys.

Jami calls this "Driving Miss Daisy"

If you know Miles' and Calvin's personalities at all,

Totally appropriate!
By the time we left we were super hot and sugared out,
Not a bad way to spend a day.

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