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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cat Scratch Fever

Everest an I went for a walk the other night. Harmless enough, right? I was walking along, thinking what a calm and quiet neighborhood we live in when we met up with "devil cat". It was the strangest thing. We were on the sidewalk, and I noticed Everest start to pull because there was a cat sitting on a neighbor's grass. No big deal, right? We pass cats all the time, usually they hiss and then run for the nearest tree. Not this one, he/she hissed, then lunged at Everest and started scratching and attacking him. I was still holding the leash and doing my best to pull Everest away from the chaos, but as soon as I would get some space, the crazy cat would lunge at Everest again. I was screaming and kicking at the cat and he/she still kept coming. Everest alternated between growling and yelping - I assume the cat's claws were pretty sharp. He couldn't fight back very well with me hanging onto his leash. After enough kicking, the cat finally backed away a few feet and kept hissing. Finally, after all of that, the porch light turned on and someone opened the door, but didn't come out. I wasn't about to go back and risk another attack so I just yelled out "Your cat is going to get eaten!" Real mature, I know, but I wasn't thinking my best. The whole thing kind of scared me. I was afraid that I was either going to get bit or scratched by the devil cat, or I would have to let go of the leash and that would be the end of the cat. Seriously, what kind of cat comes after an 85 pound wolf/dog? Forget pitbulls and german shepherds, beware of the cat!

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Melissa said...

"Your cat is going to get eaten...." hilarious and extra mature.