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Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh The Places You'll Go

When I left for my ride Saturday morning, I made sure I had snacks, drinks, money for emergencies, and of course, part one of my book. Last week I went east, this week I headed west and around Utah Lake. The sunshine and hot weather I was expecting somehow never showed up, but it was perfect weather for biking. I was having such a great time I had to finally make myself turn around, 60 miles round trip. Once again, I thought I would bring you all along for the ride. Considering they were all taken with my phone, I really like the way these shots turned out.

The turnaround spot, 29.9 miles from my front door.

Because there was a storm brewing,

The lake looked really cool.
You can't see him, but there was a guy out there wakeboarding.

I always get passed by bikers,

They generally look at me like I'm crazy,

If I'm going to ride, I want the benefits of the workout.

Do you notice the Y, as in BYU on the back of the jacket?

Maybe it was an alumni ride???

Saturday night we took Ada and B to see this at BYU

(Have you picked up on all the themes)

The play was super fun
And the kids loved it.

I'd tell you to run out and take the kids,

But I think it was only there for the weekend.

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Julia said...

I LOVE that you biked for 60 miles!! that is so amazing and awesome! I really want to get a bike some day just sounds so relaxing and like a great workout!