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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ute Stampede

Growing up in Santaquin we knew plenty of people who had horses, but we are not a "rodeo family". However, we have always been a "Ute Stampede family".  It is one of our favorite summertime events and I have loved watching my kids grow up loving the "radio" as Ruby calls it.  This year it was especially fun.  There was a lot of excitement, plenty of good cowboys, and amazing stunt riders that made it worth staying until the very end.  My personal favorite is the entry of the flag and national anthem.  We hustled to get there on time to make sure we didn't miss the best part.  It was amazing, as always, and I love the sentimentality of the soldiers and the flag.

Being with family is what really makes it fun!

The clown and commentators were great,

But the real fireworks came when the stunt riders showed up.  I couldn't decide whether to be thrilled or horrified.  It is amazing what they can do....and what they dare to do.  The boys were completely enthralled and I think, already making their plans for to start their own daring duo.

Farewell to the rodeo until next year

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