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Monday, July 31, 2017

Snowbird, 2017

Last week we got the chance to spend a few days at Snowbird resort.  It has been so hot, and we have all been so busy that a few days relaxing in the mountains sounded like the best idea ever.  We were especially lucky to have Brycen and Erika with us for part of the time.  There were plenty of activities and fun to be had, both for the big kids and the babies and I'm wishing we could go back already.

 The kids absolutely loved our room, they are easily pleased.


Nothing better than hanging with the big kids

The kids love the park,
The playground equipment is so much fun

Evenings in the mountain are just that much better...

Friday morning we slept in and when we finally were ready to ride the tram and go hiking, we discovered it was overcast and raining. For a minute I was a little bummed, but we decided to bundle up the best we could and head out in hopes of clear skies.  It rained off and on for a few hours, and we had to take refuge in the lodge at the top of the mountain for a little while, but eventually the clouds passed, the sun came out, and were able to g on our official hike.  The kids were so excited about the idea of hiking and really did great.  Ruby started to complain a little towards the end and told us her feet were so tired, but she did it.  By the time we got back to the room my Garmin showed that we had gone 4.miles which probably seems like at least 10 on their little legs.  I know I say this all of the time but I absolutely love showing the world to these little loves of mine.  


 They came up with this pose on their own


The wildflowers were in full bloom and so incredible. 

Everywhere we turned there were more activities
They are destined to be gold miners

There was soooo much swimming
Leaving the pool was the worst part of the day

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