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Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 2017

The month of June has been very good to us...everything you hope for to start out the summer.  June started off with warm days and sprinklers and it has been tough to get the kids inside ever since. They have had the best time playing with friends, jumping on the trampoline, and anything that involves water. It is barely July and I'm already getting sad for the summer to end. 

Every once in awhile they agree to come insides, but even then it is non stop play and silliness.  They love to have their friends over, but even when it is just Luke and ruby, they have the best time together.  I love listening to them play and all of the games and role plays that they imagine. 

They begged for a picture...

We always love Sunday dinner at my parents' house, but in the summertime it seems like even more fun.  The kids have the best time together.  They definitely keep us laughing, or wondering, about some of the adventures.  Adding two puppies to the mix this year had really made it wild. 

We all love the newest puppy Lola

Luke and Gavin created a mini scene with all of the items they could find in the yard, including a mangled baby doll.  They tried to tell me what it all meant, I'm still not sure I fully understood, but they definitely had fun creating.

They have definitely learned to dance in the rain. 

I really do wish I could freeze time, just for a little bit.  The relationship, and giggles, and games, and love between these two is one of the best things I have ever experienced.  

Tim has spent so much time this month working on our Payson rental home.  The tenants moved out and it was the first chance he had to complete some projects and repairs.  Both Brycen and Taylor, as well as my dad have been huge helps and really made it possible for him to get everything done.  We are lucky to have had so much help!  After a long day working on the house, they needed a little fun.

Ruby went to the doctor because we were a little worried about one of her ears.  Turned out that she had double ear infections as well as a really raw throat and plenty of congestion.  She was so brave and let the doctor look in her ears without any fuss - she had Piggy along to give her some comfort. Luke stayed home and played, but he still got a sticker out of the trip - Luke Skywalker.

Tim hasn't had a chance yet to use his fishing pole that he got for Father's Day, but he took the kids up the canyon to make sure they had a chance to use theirs.  I was surprised when they quickly caught four fish.  Luke was so proud and excited to reel his in.  Ruby got a little nervous and dropped her pole and ran when she realized she had something on the line.  

They told me that morning when they left that they were going to catch fish for us to have for dinner. I like trout, and was surprised to discover that they liked it so much.  I think the excitement of catching their own dinner definitely helped.  

After having such a good time on the first trip, they decided to take Drake along and try again.  This time they only caught one fish so after taking a few pictures, they decided to let him go.  Luke and Ruby were pretty upset that we wouldn't be able to have a fish dinner.

Tim made it to his happy place

For the past year Luke has been doing an online preschool called Upstart.  That's the official name, we just refer to it as the "click click" school.  It is a state sponsored program and the requirement is to do 15 minutes, 5 days per week.  Luke has been so great about making sure he gets his school done - a lot of days he would get up and be one the computer working at it before we even realized he was awake.  We will continue to work on it through the summer, but officially he finished and graduated. He was pretty excited to have a second "graduation hat" and of course, a certificate and goody bag. Rusty and Rosy are the mascots and it was fun to have a chance to celebrate together. 

An afternoon at the pool was the perfect way to end the month.

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