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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015

August started out on a high but did  serious nose dive after that.  Because of my injury, a lot of our plans for the month have been canceled or postponed and we have spent a lot more time at home. Tim and the kids have been total troopers and have managed to sneak in a little fun.

We will start with some of my favorites of the month.  These definitely fall under the label of Sunday Shenanigans.

Most everyone knows of Luke's spider man obsession.  My sweet friend Kacey bought this as a surprise for him.  It was 100 degrees outside, but he still insisted on wearing his new "sweater"

Practicing for pre-scool with his back pack
And a crayon behind his ear.

The kids had a great time at a birthday party in the neighborhood,
Nicki, the host, had plenty for little and big kids.

Close to bed time is when they usually get the silliest.

Spent the afternoon at Vivian Park,
Don't worry, when the train does arrive, it is super slow.

Tim has spent so much time taking care of everybody that I have been happy when we can send him for a little break.  He spent one Friday with Erika and Clark in the mountains.  The plan was for the kids to mountain bike and Tim was going to ride the roads.  Unfortunately he ended up with the wrong shoes and couldn't clip in so he had lots of time to enjoy the scenery.

I tease Tim that by now we must have hundreds of pictures of the hike to the hot pots, but I love that he enjoys the trail so much.  He and Taylor were able to get away late one Saturday afternoon for a quick hike up.

Swing time for big and small.

I promise, Brycen really does love Pizza Pie Cafe.

Saturday afternoon errands,
Just happened to run into a moose.

My Uncle Gary turned 80 so we went to help him celebrate.
The kids were mostly impressed with the balloons and water fountains
But I was happy to see so many cousins and family members

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