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Sunday, September 6, 2015

First Day of Pre-School

My baby went to preschool......oh wait, this is supposed to be about Luke, not his mama's trauma that he has grown up so fast.  For the past several months we have been talking about Luke going to preschool.  Miss Nikki, his teacher, lives in our neighborhood so every time we would see her  she would tell Luke how great it would be when school started.  Knowing her so well made it a little easier to send him out into the world.  And Luke could not have been more ready.  He went and did the placement testing and was proud to tell me tat he knew his shapes and could count to 13.  A few days before we picked out his clothes and he was so excited to wear his new preschool clothes and finally have a use for his Spiderman backpack.

For his first day I came home to get him ready and walk him to school.  He was so fun.  At one point I thought my heart might burst with love, that and how adorable he was.

Ruby gave him a hug just because he adores him.  Little did she know that she would be leaving her best brother behind for a few hours.

A little too sunny, but we had to have a shot of his grand entrance.

Luke went right in, found his spot and hung up his back pack.

I loved seeing how happy he was to follow Miss Nikki's instructions.

He joined right in with the class.

As we were leaving I told Tim that I was a little sad Luke hadn't cried or cared that we were leaving. Mostly though /i was thrilled to see him so anxious to begin this new adventure.  Beides, /i shed enough tears for both of us.

When Tim picked him up he said he was
Tired, hot and sweaty from playing, and happy
Sounds like a perfect first day

The first week and he already has a friend.

Oh the places you'll go little man.

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