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Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate.  I know that for a lot of people there isn't much tradition in the day.  However growing up in the Payson area meant that Labor Day = Onion Days, and that's a good time.  I have so many good memories associated with friends and family, also it has usually started to cool down so it is actually fun to be at a parade and carnival.  Before we can talk about Onion Days though, we have to rewind to Friday because we packed a lot into the weekend.

This is the first weekend since I got hurt that I have actually felt like doing something that required an outfit other than pajamas - I may have overdone it (considering my throbbing wrist), but it was nice to be out of the house and spend time with the ones I love.  So Friday my mom and I adventured out with the babies to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.  It had been a few months since we last went and I was amazed at how much they remembered and which animals they were excited to see.  We loved having my mom along - I needed an extra hand, but the babies just loved the fact that she was there to see it all with us.

Patiently waiting their turn, and picking out their ponies.

Not only did Ruby not cry this time, I heard a couple of yee-haws from both kids.

I know he doesn't look too excited, but there is a scarecrow on a Curious George episode
So Luke actually asked me to take his picture.

Wagon ride.

Earlier in the week Taylor's car had met an untimely end so he had been pretty stranded.  He and Tim did lots of looking, weeded out the lemons and Taylor is the proud owner of a new car.  Freedom!

Saturday Tim got up super early and headed out to run the Mt. Nebo Half Marathon.  I'm the one that got him into these crazy races and I love/hate that he signed up and ran without me.  He told me that he would run it for me since I was the one that really wanted to race.  He hasn't had a chance to train much and I'm always amazed at what a natural he is.  He finished with smiles for all and hugs for the babies.

Jarin ran the full marathon.  He also finished like a total champ.  He has been so dedicated with his training and put in the work for a great race.  He also had plenty of energy for high fives and waves.

Showing off their bling!

We had been telling the kids for a few days that we would be going to a parade so they were so excited when Monday finally rolled around.  I thought parades and celebrations were fun before, but I have absolutely loved re-discovering the magic while watching my kids.  We always meet up with my cousins at the parade so there is the added bonus of more family time.

When we asked Luke his favorite part of the parade, with no hesitation, he said the dinosaur float.

At least Tim and /i will look at the camera.

Cousins - and which one looks like she should be Ruby's mama???

I loved this one of my dad and my Uncle Kim.

Juniper wanted to sit on Luke's chair, I'm not sure she was as excited to sit on his lap.

Hmmmm, this one was a little tricky.

Lunch in the park.

And then it was off to the carnival.  My kids have never really been to a carnival so they had no idea the fun they were missing.  I was surprised when Luke said he wanted to go on the Ferris wheel.  I'm sure it helped that by going, it meant that he got to be a part of the big boys. Thanks guys for showing him the way. Oh, and it turns out that taking pictures of your kids on carnival rides is not as easy as it looks.  We are just happy to have some shots to document the memories.

The fun is clearly just beginning.

They were told to "hold on tight"

High fives from everyone.

This ride started off with all smiles...

Approximately 5 seconds after it started Ruby started to cry with a look of pure terror,
They had to stop the ride to let her off.  Poor baby.

Luke loved it so much, he went a second time.
Nothing like a great weekend to wear everyone out.  The babies were in bed by 6:30, exhausted by all the fun.  Life is pretty good.

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