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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reunion for Ruby

This afternoon we were able to spend a few hours with Tim's family.  His grandma Ruby Whitesides was born on September 17th so they often try to get together sometime close to that date to celebrate her birthday and catch up with the extended family.  This year Tim's dad brought and had read a short life history that she had written.  Grandma Ruby died before I ever met Tim so it was fun for me to learn more about her.  It was especially meaningful for me because we plan to name the baby Ruby.  It is a name I have liked for a long time, and the more I learn about his grandma, the more it seems like an honor to name the baby after such a great lady.

Grandma Ruby and Boyd (Tim's dad)

Three of the Whitesides brothers,
Tom, Bill and Boyd
 It turns out that Tim has a lot of relatives that are super musical.  Erika loved the chance to join up with her second cousin Bella and the uncles for an impromptu jam session.  They are each incredibly talented and we loved being part of the audience to enjoy it all.

Grandma and grandpa and Brycen especially enjoyed the music.

The little boys were mostly interested in funny faces.

The Cooks

Ryan and Nic
Nic finally got cold after a lot of fun in the rain.

The boy and his dad, of course.
 It rained nearly the entire time we were at the park.  Luckily we had a pavilion but everything that was uncovered turned into a lake.

The boys were fascinated by the worms,
Probably their favorite part of the party.

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