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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We started August with a quick getaway to Park City.  The inspiration was to celebrate Tim's birthday, it was part "babymoon", and mostly just an excuse to relax for a few days.  We stayed up at the Canyons and it was absolutely beautiful.

By chance I read an article about a climbing competition that was happening on Friday night at the Olympic Park.  Neither of us had ever been there and decided it was worth checking out.  We got there and discovered it was a huge competition with climbers from all over the country.  We were completely out of our element but loved the crash course into the climbing world.  

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the pool, had a quick dinner at our favorite Baja Cantina, then headed down the canyon to Sundance.  My boss generously invited us to attend Annie Get Your Gun with a group event he had organized.  Their outdoor theater is always one of my favorites and we really had fun with the play.

Meanwhile, back at home, Luke had a great time with grandma and grandpa.  We are so lucky to have great family who are willing to watch him so that we can have some baby free fun.

Tim loves the band Blackhawk, a 90's country band.  We have of their CDs in my car which generally gets played almost any time we go on a road trip.  When Tim found out they would be playing at the Salt Lake Country Fair, he was super excited.  When he discovered the tickets were free, even better.  It was definitely an interesting crowd, but the band sounded great and it was really fun.  

Tim's birthday was on August 9th.  We were lucky to meet his parents for lunch then spent the afternoon at Trafalga.

The next weekend we had the official cake/cheesecake/candle celebration with Ada, they are lucky enough to share a birthday.

Sean and the kids came to Utah in the middle of August for their annual summer visit.  This time Sean decided to make it even more interesting and run the Park City Marathon.  We were able to make it to several spots on the course to cheer him on. It's been really strange this summer not to be training for a marathon. Usually when I see people racing I'm jealous and wish I were running as well but once I saw the hills on this course, I was completely happy to just be a spectator.

We had a great time while they were here...Sunday walks,

And of course a boating trip.  The weather wasn't exactly cooperative, but a short trip is better than nothing.

The Pied Piper had all of the kids in awe once he brought out the metal detector.

Luke's first haircut probably deserves a post of it's own, but for now we'll let it be part of the August events.  Sean has been the most passionate in the campaign to get Luke's hair cut so I thought it was appropriate to have the two of them together for the "before"shot.

See, I knew that he really didn't want to a hair cut.  We have both recovered from the trauma but it still makes me sad to look at him because he looks so much older.

Nothing like a little mini me.  We are so excited to have Jesse starting BYU and here in Provo!

The official shot of 34 weeks.  I still really feel quite good for a pregnant lady.  Just a little hot and moody, but so far we are all making it through pretty well.

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