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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mt. Nebo Marathon

Saturday morning Tim, Sean and Jarin braved the hills (both up and down) and ran the Mt. Nebo Marathon.  It starts at the top of Payson Canyon, runs over into Santaquin Canyon end back down Payson Canyon.  I can't imagine a more beautiful course and was definitely jealous of this one.  Tim told me after the race how strange it was to be at a marathon start without me.  My dad has been battling plantar fasciitis so he was there, but as support crew and course photographer.  I like to think they missed us.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch.....Because of the amount of downhill in the course, we had no idea how long they would take so we got there early and had plenty of time for spectating. Sometimes I think it is easier to run than to watch.  Spending a lot of time spectating has definitely made me appreciate even more all the support I have had over the years.

It was so fun for the kids to run in with the racers.
Tim finished looking fresh and strong.

It was funny to watch Tim hop in and out of the ice bath,
By far the best recovery tool.

The kids could hardly wait to form another entourage.

This "marathon maniac" just finished his 24th marathon.

Tim loved having the kids there for support.

This little one appears to be ready for his own
Run across the finish line. 

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