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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Onion Days

I am from Santaquin but beginning 9th grade I went to school in Payson so I consider it home.   Payson has it's big city celebration, Onion Days, over the Labor Day holiday.  For a long time I don't think I really realized that Labor Day was the official holiday - it was just Onion Days.  Over the years my activities have evolved.  The parade is always a "must see".  When I was young we begged our parents to take us on the little carnival rides.  I moved on to hanging at the carnival and park with friends (definitely too cool for family), and then as I got older, we headed back to the carnival but this time to entertain the little kids.  This year we went to the parade and then I didn't actually even make it out of the shade of the park - it was a hot day and I was too lazy to do much except for chase Luke.  I was a little sad when I realized how few pictures I took, but at least we have a little something to remember the day.

Thanks to my mom and dad for staking out a spot.

When the sun came out the grannies needed their umbrellas to protect their silky skin

Ada was the superstar of the parade with her clogging group.

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