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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snow Day

If you are going to live in Utah and endure cold, snowy winters, you better find a way to take advantage/enjoy the snow.  I couldn't ski at all last year because I was pregnant, but it was such a bad snow year that I didn't feel like I was missing out.  Once the snow started to fall, I started to itch to get to the slopes.  About two weeks ago Cory and I started talking about going skiing, but it has been so abnormally cold, we have chickened out.  We told Erika we would go on Saturday when she was here, assuming that by then the weather would be a little warmer.  So much for warm thoughts...the forecast called for snow and a high of 19 in the valleys, all of that worse with wind at Sundance.  Cory and I were a little skeptical but Erika was so excited and didn't care how cold it was.  Sometimes it's good to have someone young around to get you out of your comfort zone (or comfortable warm house).  It was cold, 15 at the base  and ridiculously cold at the top but so much fun.   It was amazing to have Sundance have such good snow. I will always prefer sunny skies and 30 degrees, but yesterday, totally worth the cold.

Cory taught me to ski so it was only right
To have him with me on my first trip back.
I love that both Erka and I have pink pants.
She's trying to talk me into snowboarding,
But so far, I'm not even tempted.
It really was a gray day.
Hands down the best shot of the day.
Cory was taking self shots,
I have no idea how we both ended up looking
So goofy in the same shot.

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