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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Brycen

I'm just a little behind on my postings.  Last week Brycen turned 11 years old.  Wow, when I first met him he was just a little boy.  He has grown up so much - he has added several inches of height and has such a fun, sweet personality.  When Tim asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday, he knew exactly what the plan should be.  So, we headed up to Logan to meet up with his cousins for some roller skating and time at the fun park.  They had such a great time together, it reminded me of all the time I spent roller skating around my neighborhood.  Of course, I had to tell everyone about my 8th birthday when I broke my arm roller skating at my own birthday party.  Luckily Brycen's party had a much better ending with no mishaps.

The cousins gave him such fun gifts
Nothing like some Flarp to liven up a party
Thanks Cheri for bringing the kids
And playing with the baby
He doesn't spit up very often
But when he does....
Luke though the birthday was
"Dino Mite"
Skating can work up a serious appetite, so we headed out to Angies for some "breakfast for dinner".  Nothing like french toast and bacon to top off a birthday.  Tim surprised Brycen with some type of hand held gaming system (it's not a secret, I just don't have any idea about electronics).  Too bad I missed the money shot of his face when he figured out what he got.  He was so appreciative of the gifts and the day, we were just lucky to get to celebrate with him.

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