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Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

I don't know if it counts as a tradition if you are the only one participating, but my Christmas morning started out exactly the way it has for the last several years - with a run.  Most years my dad and I have run together, but this year, I was on my own.  The kids negotiated 8:00 as the time to get up (the two older ones suggested noon) so I headed out a little before 7:00 to get my six miles in.  I was a little nervous about falling because it was dark for most of the run and it had snowed the day before.  But, the good thing about running on Christmas morning is that there is no traffic so I just ran down the middle of the road and didn't have any problems.  It was cold and quiet and reminded me of when I first started running years ago - it didn't matter the weather and didn't matter what time, I just ran.  I came back chilled but had a little hot chocolate and was ready to roll for the day.

As expected, Luke was much more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper than he was in the gifts.  He opened a few presents but mostly played in the paper from everyone else's presents.  He actually went down for a nap in the middle of opening presents and slept through most of the fun.  It's funny, he still has a few wrapped presents sitting in the family room - we have been opening one every few days which he loves.  Last year I was pregnant and excited, but anxious to know that he would be healthy and happy.  Christmas morning was just another reminder of how blessed we have been this past year.  I hope your holidays were fabulous, here is a little more of our fun...

I think Tim loved Luke's new toy
As much as Luke did.
 It was so great to have all of the kids here for Christmas.  They each gave Tim and I some super thoughtful gifts which was very sweet.  We didn't get very many pics of the day, I guess we were just involved in enjoying the moments.

The big gift requested by Brycen was a sewing machine,
I can't wait to see his creations.
Taylor had asked for some work out items
Work out gear?
My favorite reason to shop!
After breakfast, showers and a brief nap, we headed down to my parents for dinner and a little family time.  My mom does a great job of taking care of everyone and it was great to spend time together.
I should have got a better picture of
The beautiful new red leather couch. 
The three amigos?
Brothers from another mother?
Whatever the caption,
I love these three crazy boys.
My parents gave Brycen and Ada
Electronic fish bowls.
Perfect indoor pet, they don't even smell.
The wrapping paper/bag was his favorite!
I told Brycen he will regret this face in a few years
Baby boy got a little lost in his blankie,
A little to much going on!

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