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Friday, January 25, 2013

California Dreaming

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey....California dreaming, on such a winters day.

I'm not sure that the words to this song have ever felt more applicable.  I'm a Utah girl, and not usually very bothered by the cold winters but this one has been cold and rough.  Tim and I found some super good deals on flights and hotel so we decided to head to the coast.  It was a little traumatic to leave Luke overnight for the first time, but luckily my parents were happy to watch him so that made it easier to leave.  When we left Salt Lake it was about 5 degrees and when we landed in California it was about 65, I kind of almost cried it was so beautiful.  Tim and I were immediately warm and relaxed.  

We flew into Long Beach airport.  We stopped and got lunch at In n Out (seems like a requirement in California) and then drove down the coast to San Diego.  I had never been to the temple and had always heard how beautiful it was.  The beauty did not disappoint and we had a great time. Too bad we didn't have time to get pictures while it was still light before we went in.

Tim's parents were in Southern California at the same time and had arranged to meet Tim's cousin Bethany for dinner.  We were lucky to be invited along and had a great time chatting with her and catching up on her and her family.

Friday morning we got up and headed to the beach.  We wanted to spend time at the beach and were hoping that the weather would be somewhat cooperative.  If you believe in Karma, we definitely have been living right because the weather was divine.  A little cool to start, but within a mile I had my long sleeve t-shirt off and was basking in the sun.

One of my favorite views of the run.
I may have been excited to run on the beach but Tim could hardly wait for a chance to search for treasures with his metal detector.  He studied the tides, gathered up his gear, tuned the head phones, and he was ready to go.

We spent a little time wandering along the pier and watching the surfers.  The weather was beautiful but I can't imagine getting in that water, even in a wet suit.

Tim loves the Tonight Show and was so excited that he was able to get tickets to see a taping.  I don't care for Jay Leno....I think you are either a fan of Leno or Letterman....I grew up watching Letterman with my dad and am firmly a Letterman gal.  I promised Tim I would be polite and clap, booing would have probably got me in trouble.  Even though I don't really like his humor, it was really fun to watch the filming and see how it is done.

Saturday morning we were back at the beach.  I went on a 12 mile run that included several breaks to chat with others on the trail, watch beach volleyball, admire the surf, etc.  It was a perfect run.

After the run we found some lunch and then I sat on the beach while Tim kept at the metal detecting.  It was at least 80 degrees and I was perfectly content to just sit and bask in the sun.  The only thing that wasn't perfect was having to fight the seagulls.  They are so aggressive and were intent on having any leftover crumbs from our lunch.  It was funny because this guy was the seagull bully, he took the best snacks for himself and kept pushing everyone away.

After two days of metal detecting, this was Tim's loot - maybe enough to get one of us a coke.  He may not ever find something with of high value, but he loves doing it and what else really matter.  It was funny though because while we were there we saw a news story about a guy finding a gold nugget worth $300,000 in Australia.  The hope of a similar find will keep him hunting.

If we hadn't left Luke at home I might have been tempted to stay forever...or at least until the sun comes out in Utah.

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