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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Firsts of the Season

Saturday we had several firsts for this Christmas season.  I have been anxious to go see some Christmas lights so Riverwoods seemed like a perfect place to start since it is 15 minutes away from home.  The fact that it was 50 degrees with no snow or rain made it a perfect plan.  Ada, Miles and Gavin came over earlier in the afternoon to hang out with me and Luke while Tim went to get the kids.  They started asking me when Brycen would be home the minute they walked in, and probably asked at least 10 more times before he finally made it - they think he is the coolest kid ever.  Once everyone made it home, we packed up all the kids and headed to Kneaders for a little dinner - six kids and two adults and no major mishaps.  After dinner we met Jarin and Jami at Riverwoods where we hung out for a long time, enjoying the lights and the live music.  The kids danced and ran around and I loved watching all of it. Tim and Luke found some fires to keep warm which Tim loved.  The line was short for Santa so we took advantage and Luke got his first chance to sit on Santa's lap.  He didn't seem to notice or care that a stranger was holding him, so it was fun to get some pictures.  Great night!

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