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Monday, December 3, 2012

Goodbye Old Girl

I have owned a total of 5 cars in my life, including the one I currently drive.  My first car, a white Volkswagon Rabbit, got totaled when someone caused a wreck on the freeway when I was 17.  I drove my second car, a red Nissan Sentra, until I left on a mission then sold it to my brother Cory.  When I came home from my mission I bought a gray Honda Civic which I absolutely loved.  I kept it even when I bought my red Nissan Pathfinder from my brother Cory.  After being a two car "family" for awhile, my brother Craig finally convinced me to sell him the Civic.  He drove it through college in Utah and law school in Arizona and the Civic has only recently left the family.  We have done a lot of vehicle swapping in our family.  Shortly after we found out I was pregnant, we started talking about getting a new vehicle - none of the vehicles we had gave us enough seat belts when all the kids were with us.  We looked for a long time and tried out a lot of different vehicles before finally settling on our current blue Honda Pilot.  I was excited to have a newer, nicer vehicle and really love driving it, but I was super sad at the thought of having to sell the Pathfinder.  I get really attached to my vehicles and have a hard time with the idea of someone just driving off in a vehicle that has been part of life for so long.  It's silly, I know, but I blame it on my dad - he is the same way with his cars. After having the Pilot for about 7 months we decided it was finally time to get serious about selling the Pathfinder - well, at least Tim was serious about it.  So, meet Asher.  He came and test drove it one night then called a little later to say that he wanted to buy my baby.  I quizzed him about whether he would take good care of it and he said he could understand why I was so attached.  The next morning when he came to pick it up I was at work so I asked Tim to take a picture of it.  Not only was he a good sport about that, but told Tim he would text me pictures from time to time.  I might have cried a little to let it go, but at least am glad to know it went to a good home.

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