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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Eight Months

Luke is such a good sleeper that I don't usually have to rock or sing him to sleep but when I do, I really only have three songs that we sing.  I've tried to branch out but I can't seem to remember all the words to any other songs.  The three songs that we sing are: 1)Hey, Won't You Play - an old BJ Thomas song from the 70's that was a favorite of my dad's; 2)in Spanish, My Heavenly Father Loves Me - the primary song, I don't know the words in English; and 3)You Are My Sunshine.   The other day I was singing You Are My Sunshine to Luke and I just started to cry - it just felt so true to me - this boy truly is the light of my life.  He is getting so old, so fast, and makes us laugh every day with his antics.  He is a total ham and loves to make us laugh.  The other day he tooted while I was holding him, then looked at me and started laughing - where does he get such a sense of humor already?  He's talking more and more (can't imagine where he gets that from) and will often "sing" along to any music he hears.  Oh, and clearly he isn't starving - I got on the scale with him this morning, 22 pounds.  

I love this, Luke looking at the 8
Like he can't believe it...
I agree baby, the time has flown by

It's so fun to have a new addition for Christmas, he really is out best gift ever.  I have had fun shopping for him, but do realize that his favorite thing Christmas morning will probably be boxes and wrapping paper.
He brings pure joy into our lives

Look closely...can you find the baby?
He has learned to roll all over
And is no longer safe to be left alone
First visit to Santa
Even better that he had
Erika and Brycen with him
He loves trying to drink from a glass
Already wants to be such a big kid
We bought him a sippy cup, it's his favorite
I just had to show that he still uses his swing
Best present ever
Bath time
He might have to move to a
Big boy bath tub soon
Light show in Spanish Fork
Luke was with us last year for our annual visit
But I think he enjoyed it a little more this year

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Anonymous said...

What a great post and what a great boy! Love you and an very happy for you & Tim. Luke is the best! ...obviously after my own who have grown far too fast. :)