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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Whitesides Christmas Party 2012

Last Sunday we had the Whitesides family Christmas party.  Tim's parents always do such a great job at welcoming everyone and keeping us well fed.  It was great to spend time visiting, it's especially fun for me to watch all of the cousins together.

Such selfless hosts
All that was left for them were small plates

Erika and Sara

Erika and Jordan

Taylor definitely enjoyed the meal

Carl and Luke

My best boys

The family always does a nativity
This year Luke was "excited" to be the baby Jesus
We did a lot of practicing
I had to teach him that he couldn't
Laugh while being Baby Jesus
He was actually really good and just laid there
Like a little angel

Cheri, Luke and Dave
They absolutely dote on and spoil Luke

Santa Baby

The best reindeer ever!

Silly girls
Those glasses were the hit of the night.

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