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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wonder Woman Ride

 Since having Luke I have not been on my bike as much as I would like, and haven't done any type of big ride.  So I was super excited when Jami suggested that we do the Wonder Woman ride.  They had three distances, fully supported, all girls, perfect.  We all decided to do the 70 mile options which was much further than any of the other girls had ever ridden, and definitely further than I have ridden since last summer.  We even talked my mom into doing the 30 mile ride.  The short story is that it was such a great ride and sooo much fun.  There were a few little issues along the way, but nothing that a little laughter and some estrogen couldn't overcome.  Thanks ladies for a great time!

Adrianne, mom, me, Jenna, Jami
Even though my mom didn't start till later,
She came early to see us off and be supportive.
We all maybe had a swig of the pre-race fuel,
Thanks Jenna!
The kids all made signs and Jarin brought them to cheer,
Cutest motivation ever!

Jami might have been a little excited by the lunch stop...
Sandwiches, coke, candy...
Who wouldn't want to do this ride?
We may be all smiles for the picture,
But Jami and I just made it up a killer hill
And were probably still breathing hard.
We may have had one casualty,
Blood running down her leg wasn't an excuse for Jenna to slack,
I think it just made her look tougher.
My mom appeared on the back side of the lake
To support and take another group pic.
My dad was there cheering as well,
Too bad I missed him in the shot.
Three miles from the finish Jenna got a flat tire.
Once she took off her number, we may have discovered
The root of her problems
So glad she made it for a "mother daughter" ride.
Post race cheese.

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