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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Five Months

Most days I wake up early and get Luke up to feed him before leaving for the day.  As I sit there rocking him, I am still amazed that I get the chance to be the mom to this little guy.  He is sweeter and has brought more joy to me and Tim than I ever thought was possible.  He is getting such a personality and loves to laugh, especially if it makes you laugh with him.  The other night I was putting on his pajamas and when he heard the zipper, thought it was so funny and would laugh repeatedly, every time I zipped.  I recorded him and he would laugh just as hard watching himself.  We usually read stories before bed and he pays such good attention, watching the pictures and laughing at the good parts.  He pays attention to everything that is going on around him and especially loves watching other kids.  He's growing so fast that sometimes he only wears an outfit once or twice before it is too small.  Tim got on the scale with him tonight and he is 19 pounds.  We keep trying to get him to spend time on his belly and still absolutely hates "tummy time".  We take turns doing it with him because he gets so mad - I'm worried he will never roll over or crawl.  So, here are the official five months pics, and a few others of some firsts.

Oh how he loves his daddy.
Eats cereal, peaches, bananas and applesauce
First football game
Learning to go metal detecting with dad
Adored by his cousins


Anonymous said...

Great photos and comments! He's definitely growing up fast and looks like he's doing extremely well. Happy for you guys!

Monica said...

Thanks Sean, he told me that he can't wait to see you in St. George, his misses you of course.

ash & diz said...

he is DARLING! I love the little tie on the onsie. So cute!