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Monday, September 10, 2012

Go Cougars

One of the best parts about Fall is the start of college football.  I don't really care about watching professional football, but really like college ball.  I was a little surprised when Tim said that he wanted to get tickets for the BYU game on Saturday.  They were playing Weber State which didn't seem like much of a competition...then I realized this was his chance to see his alma mater play with the big boys.  So, Saturday afternoon we packed everyone up and headed to the stadium, driving separate cars because we weren't sure how long Luke would last.  We all actually had a great time and Luke and I stayed till the end.  We found a shady spot that wasn't too noisy, bought some kettle corn, and the day was made.  Oh and the score, it wasn't much of a contest, but Tim's Wildcats did put some points on the board.

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