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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap

Saturday morning we got up really early (extra early if you are me and had to get a 6 mile run in first), and headed to Logan.  Saturday was Taylor's 18th birthday so we went to celebrate with him.  Also, this weekend was Utah State's Homecoming and Tim's family are all really big fans so  we decided to join the festivities and celebrate all day.

The drive through Sardine Canyon was absolutely beautiful.  I usually encourage Tim to keep driving, but this time it was too beautiful not to stop for a minute to enjoy.  As we drove I asked him how it felt to have an 18 year old son and one that is 5 months old.  I think his answer was somewhere along the lines of "old".  I think the real answer is "lucky".  It was really important to him to spend the day with Taylor to make sure Taylor know how important he is to him.  I think all of the kids are especially lucky to have such a dedicated and loving dad.

We made it just in time for the start of the Homecoming parade.  It was kind of chilly-perfect for fall.  The best part of the parade was watching all of the kids chase candy, I think their bags were fuller than after a night of trick or treating.

Luke loved hanging with Dave,
Especially after he gave him a box of Nerds to play with.
They were the perfect size for him to hold,
And made great noise.

Erika has been practicing hard all week with her cheer group
So it was fun to see them in the parade.
Luke loves his cheerleader sister.
Always happy to be the center of attention.
Luke and I went and hung out at a hotel for part of the afternoon so he could nap and I could read.  Kind of perfect.  Then we got changed, packed up, and headed to the Utah State Homecoming game.  Once again we took two cars because I didn't think Luke would last through the whole game.  I did have to leave for a bit at half time to find somewhere quiet to find him, but other than that he was a serious trooper.

Tim and the birthday boy.
With Shauna and Karl, Tim's sister
Big fans of Utah State and big fans of Luke
It did get a little loud at times.
Sitting by the band was probably not the best location.
Zach was clearly having a great time!
On our way home this morning we stopped and saw the Brigham City temple.  It is not very big, but it was absolutely beautiful.  It felt so peaceful just being in the parking lot.

I realized that I hadn't ever posted any pictures from Erika's birthday, 15 years old.  We were lucky and all got to celebrate with Grandpa and Grandma Whitesides and red velvet cake.  August-September are busy birthday months.


mlg said...

your baby is stinkin cute!! Very cute!

Monica said...

Thanks Sharla, I just have a few more to catch up to your cuties.