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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 2012

I'm sure everyone will be super disappointed, but I was kind of a slacker today with pictures.  Maybe I was just too caught up in the excitement of Onion Days.  Anyway, I got up early, fed and snuggled with Luke, then jumped on my bike for a 30 mile ride over to Springville and heading up Hobble Creek Canyon.  I raced home, got ready as quickly as possible and we were off to the parade.  The parade was fairly typical, nothing too outstanding, that is, until Miss Ada came along with her clogging group.  She looked hot and tired, but when she saw us she turned on the smile and started dancing.

 A lot of my family was there that hadn't ever seen Luke so he was of course, the star of the show.  Every once in awhile someone got him of his daddy's lap for a little lovin but that boy loves his daddy.

After the parade we spent a lot of time in the park, relaxing and wandering through the booths, the guys all went to the car show.  The kids were loving the whole thing - Luke included.

We ended the festivities with cajun lunch then Tim and I headed home while the others went to the carnival.  Poor Luke was so tired, we got home about 4:00 and he is still asleep (9:00), but he spent the day smiling, loving all the activity.

This photo was actually taken on the eve of Labor Day, but it was so cute, it had to be included.

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