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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Showers With Friends

Not sure what you were thinking, but I was talking about one of these kinds of showers, you know, the baby kind.  I hear a lot of stories about high school girls and all of the drama they experience with their friends.  I don't know if I was lucky, blessed, or a lot of both, but nearly all of my memories of my high school friends are good ones.  I had a really great group of friends, high goals, high morals, supportive, and a lot of fun.  The best part is that it has all continued twenty plus years later.  It was so fun to get together with them, the baby was a perfect excuse.  Most of them are a little ahead of me, kids getting married, driving, dating, etc. but a perfect place to pick up a lot of advice.  The theme of everyone's advice seemed to be to just slow down and enjoy the baby time - he will grow up way too quickly and the "precious moments" will be gone.  Great advice for me.  Thanks girls, it was a fabulous night.
In case you wondered,
Yes, I have gotten bigger.
Loved the sign!

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