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Monday, April 9, 2012

Park City 2012

For the last several years since we met, Tim and I have gone to Park City every year for my birthday.  We usually just wander around Main Street for a little bit, then have dinner at Baja Cantina and treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  This year we went a little earlier.  Since the little man is supposed to make his big appearance on my birthday, it is unlikely we will get to Park City on that day or any day close. Dinner was amazing, minus the waiter with no personality.  I saved my caramel apple to eat at home while we watched Moneyball, perfect!

The moose on Main Street, apparently there are a few.  I thought if I had my picture taken next to a moose, it would make me look smaller.  Not sure that it worked.

While on Main, we wandered into a gallery for Michael Fatali, a photographer.  I had never seen his work before but we both loved it.  It's all landscape, but what makes it so unique is the lighting - apparently he will camp out for weeks waiting for the exact right light.  He had this quote on the wall of the gallery.  I thought it was quite profound

Here are a few of my favorites:

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