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Friday, April 6, 2012

Dreams of Chicken

Last night I had a dream about eating chicken.  Someone served me a dish with chicken and I didn't realize what I was eating, once I did, I was sick and couldn't figure out how to get the taste out.  Seems strange?  Since getting pregnant the thought of chicken makes me nauseated  - just typing this is doing it.  I didn't realize how much chicken I ate and cooked, and how prevalent it is in restaurants until I stopped eating it.  The funny thing is that I can eat (and crave sometimes), McDonalds chicken nuggets.  Crazy!  I went to bed last night feeling sick to my stomach, maybe that's what got the dream going.  Although who knows, lately nearly everything I dream is crazy.  Last week I dreamed I forgot to feed the baby for four days - ummm, luckily my dreams are rarely based in reality.  They have always been wild and vivid, but right now, it is truly night time entertainment.

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