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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We Bought a Zoo

Have you seen this movie?  If not, grab your Kleenx and go.  Actually I think it is out on DVD so you can enjoy it and be emotional in your own home.  The movie is based on a true story and was, for lack of a better work, so sweet.  The family has just lost their mother to cancer and in the process of trying to cope, end up buying a small private zoo despite zero experience or knowledge about the animals.  The director seemed to avoid the temptation to try to make the story too Hollywood, it felt very real which is probably why it was so easy to relate. 

As I watched the movie though I kept thinking that I have definitely gotten old.  Matt Damon is the star and he is a little frumpy and a frustrated dad, but I don't think he has ever been more attractive.
Yes, I can still appreciate him as Bourne, and other action heroes, but there is something about him playing the role of a great dad that just makes him all the hotter. 

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