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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ten Years Old

I've been pretty behind on posting, I'm sure my people have been devastated. I used the excuses of the holidays, then vacation, now I'm ready to get back on track. Truthfully, the best part of keeping up to date is for me to have a good record - this is the closest I get to scrap booking or journaling.
Anyway, B turned 10 on December 28th. It is crazy, he has grown over two inches in the last year. He celebrated his birthday at home with neighborhood friends, then spent a few days with us. At his request we went to Lowes Extreme Air Sports with Ada, Miles and Gavin. It smelled like a sweaty boy's locker room, but other than that, so much fun. The kids had a riot. In fact it was tough to get any good photos because they were too busy running around. Nearly all of the activities ended in a foam pit - rope swing, trampolines, climbing wall, etc. I kind of wanted to jump into one myself it looked so fun.

After watching enough kids,
Ada got brave and decided to try the rope swing.
Pretty impressive.
Thanks Tim and E for the help,
She's still just a little too short to reach.
As long as she was up there helping,
E decided to show us her skills.
Baby G doing his best impersonation of a wild animal,
Pretty believable huh?
After jumping we all relaxed with pizza and birthday cake.
B requested my grandma's famous chocolate cake.
Always a good choice.
I was pretty impressed I could find 10 candles,
True, a few had daisys, and others were trick candles,
But, he did have 10 to blow.

Just a little arts and crafts to end the party.
Happy Birthday B, hope 10 is a great year!


Just SO said...

What a fun party!! I wanted to take George there for his birthday but I'm not comfortable with it so soon after his concussion so I've got to figure out something. Happy Birthday B!!

Monica said...

It would not be a good place after a concussion but once he is cleared for impact, you should definitely go. It is fun for little ones and big ones.